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Rottweiler Puppies For Sale


Originally, Charmen Rottweilers were bred to be tenacious guard dogs. These strong dogs are excellent in obedience, police work, herding, and watch-dogging, and they have very strong jaws. Because of their remarkable intelligence, which makes them simple to educate, rottweilers are typically very joyful, silly dogs. Although they make devoted and loving pets, they have a tendency to be possessive of their families. When fully grown, Rottweilers weigh an average of about 100 lbs. They are large, active dogs who enjoy physical activity.
The AKC originally recognized the strong and devoted Rottweiler as a working breed in 1931. The Rottweiler is an excellent police, service, or security dog since it is a hard-working and intelligent breed of dog. The Rottweiler’s past may be traced all the way back to the Roman Empire, where its most likely predecessors were employed as guard dogs.


The Rottweiler’s temperament is heavily influenced by its owner, particularly by that person’s willingness to socialize the dog as a puppy. The Rottweiler, a typically placid and aloof canine breed, can be equally affectionate and protective. A Rottie can carry an enormous presence as a watchdog and is as attentive as any breed thanks to its powerful physical qualities. Respecting the working character of this breed, developing a bond built on love and trust, and never using fear as a teaching tool are the keys to raising a balanced and amiable Rottweiler.


Despite being a physically large dog breed, it’s crucial to understand how sensitive they can be. They are not very tolerant of high conditions, particularly heat. Additionally, if they are left alone for extended periods of time, they are not going to be a balanced or well-behaved dog. Due to their preference for large spaces, this dog breed is not suitable for those who live in apartments. Despite being typically cordial, they will be wary of large groups of unfamiliar people and noisy settings.


The Lovable Rottweiler has many of the same health issues as other gigantic or large dog breeds, beginning with joint issues. As with other large breeds, hip and elbow dysplasia are among the most prevalent diseases in this breed. Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, appears to affect huge and enormous breeds of dogs. By questioning the breeder about the genetic background of the parents and viewing specific health examinations, some of these health problems may be allayed.


The dense, double coat of the Rottweiler is often black with brown patches on the face, chest, and legs. To maintain the health of their coat and lessen shedding, you should brush your Rottweiler at least once a week. Like all dogs, Rottweiler puppies should be introduced to teeth brushing and nail trimming early on so that you can maintain good oral hygiene and strong nails for the whole of your Rottie’s life.

Activity level

Since the Rottweiler is a working breed, it will require frequent and intense exercise. The energy level of a Rottweiler won’t exhaust you, but it’s still vital to keep this breed active to keep its weight in check. In comparison to a dog that is healthy weight and well-conditioned, an overweight Rottie has a higher risk of developing joint problems later in life. Giving this dog a job to perform is also crucial, whether it is through continual training, dog sports, or something else. They are a working breed, thus employment makes them the happiest.

Size and Lifespan

An adult Rottweiler will typically weigh between 75 and 130 pounds and stand between 23 and 28 inches height at the shoulder.
Typically, this type of dog lives 8 to 11 years.



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