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Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale


Unusually, the Australian Shepherd has absolutely nothing to do with Australia. In actuality, this breed is American. The Australian Shepherd is a no-nonsense breed that combines high intelligence and great energy. It is intelligent and diligent.
Although this breed makes a wonderful family pet, it is best suited for households that are constantly on the road. Australian Shepherds are also very helpful due to their energetic attitude and working dog heritage. Once taught, they can even clean up around the house while helping to herd animals and gather kids.

Temperament for an Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is a thoughtful dog who enjoys learning what is happening and whether they may participate. They value consistency, which frequently calls for a consistent routine that gives them structure.
These cute Australian Shepherd puppies are fiercely protective as well. They regularly protect their families and act suspiciously around outsiders. Early contact with other animals, kids, and adults will help them develop amiable temperaments.


Since the Australian Shepherd is a herding dog, many people believe that it needs a lot of area to be content. That’s not always the case, though, as this kind of dog will also adapt well to tiny apartments.
They’ll be happy as long as they get to run hard for a brief period of time each day. Australian Shepherds also enjoy spending time with their families, so if they are left alone for an extended period of time or feel bored, they may become destructive.
Such breeds of Australian Shepherds are more comfortable in the rain and snow thanks to their water-resistant coat. Both warmer and colder climates can use them well.
When living in chilly climates, they frequently grow a denser undercoat compared to Aussies that dwell in warmer, sunny climates. However, like with all dogs, you should use caution, stay out of the sun, and give your dog extra protection in the winter.


Although they are not more susceptible to disease than other dog breeds, Australian Shepherds are more susceptible to a larger variety of ailments. There are a few conditions that are unique to this breed, in addition to the hip and eye problems that affect most dogs, especially as they age.
They consist of medication sensitivity, epilepsy, deafness, allergies, hypothyroidism, and cancer. You can have a good indication of what to expect from your puppy based on the genetic history of the parents.

Grooming for an Australian Shepherd Puppy

The coat of this breed is thick, medium-length, and may be somewhat waved. Merle, Tricolor, or Red/Black are the three groups into which the coat commonly falls. The White/White coat is distinguished by a single coat color in white or black with white fur typically on the chest, neck, legs, and frequently in a stripe from the muzzle to the head.
Dark patches or blotches on a lighter background give the Merle color its distinctive patchwork appearance. Merle, Red Merle, and Blue Merle are some of the frequent varieties in this group.
A white and tan coat combined with another solid color makes up a tricolor coat. Here, there are two variations: Red Tricolor and Black Tricolor.
Australian Shepherds do shed all year long, but you may minimize shedding accidents in the house by brushing your dog frequently. They experience significant shedding twice a year, which may necessitate a trip to the groomer.
Aussies only need to be bathed when they are dirty as long as you maintain them well-groomed. As a puppy, you should also familiarize them with nail trimming because you will need to do it once or twice a month for the rest of your dog’s life.
You should also examine your dog’s ears once every week. Ear infections can be avoided by frequently inspecting them and thoroughly cleaning your dog’s ears when necessary.
Additionally, it’s critical to maintain your dog’s dental health to prevent severe tooth conditions later in life. The best dental care for dogs is daily tooth brushing or the use of enzyme toothpaste.

Activity level

Given their origins, these fabulous Australian Shepherd dogs are understandably energetic. Over the decades, they have kept their herding tendencies and desire to chase. Australian Shepherds are working dogs, therefore they require exercise to maintain healthy muscle tone and burn some energy.
It can be challenging to keep up with their energy levels. They will be content if you add a lengthy game of fetch or a morning jog to the daily walks you take them on.

Size and LifeSpan

The average height and weight of an adult Australian Shepherd are 18 to 23 inches and 35 to 70 pounds, respectively. In general, Australian Shepherds live 12 to 15 years.



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